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Frequently Asked Questions

Q     How different does NaturCare™ BerryGen™ compare to other collagen
supplements in the market?

A     NaturCare™ BerryGen™ is a patented, proprietary formulation that combines collagen with 3 potent
antioxidants (Berries, Apple Stem Cell and Gluta White) with added ingredients (CoQ10, Vitamin C
and 10% Hydroxyproline) that work synergistically to deliver visible results in less time.
Q     When can I expect to see results?
A     It varies from person to person. Noticeable improvements can
normally be seen within 7 days!
Q     What other benefits can I expect when taking NaturCare™ BerryGen™?
A     You can expect better blood circulation; firmer, more supple skin; reduction
in wrinkles and fine lines; stronger nails and hair; better muscle tone; and
protection against risk of degenerative diseases.
Q     Is marine collagen a better source of collagen?
A     Collagen can be extracted from many sources including plants, marine fish and animals (cattle, deers, etc). Studies found that hydrolyzed marine collagen is smaller in molecular size which aids in absorption rate, up to 98%.      
Q     Can NaturCare™ BerryGen™ be taken together with other dietary supplements?
A     Yes, as its ingredients are all derived from natural fruit and plant sources.   

Q     Can I increase or reduce recommended dosage?
A     It is advisable that you continue consuming 1-2 sachets daily for at least 3 months to experience optimum results.      
Q     Will the benefits go away immediately after stopping consumption?
A     It depends on the length of time of consumption and lifestyle factors. Regular consumption is more advantageous.      
Q     Is it safe for everyone, including pregnant and breast-feeding mothers?
A     Yes. As all the key ingredients such as berries, hydrolyzed marine collagen, apple stem cell and Gluta White are totally natural, they are generally safe and well tolerated with no known side effects reported. But do consult your doctor if you are on any medication.      
Q     Can men consume NaturCare™ BerryGen™?
A     Yes, absolutely. Men can also benefit from NaturCare™ BerryGen™ by having clearer skin, improve muscle tone, stronger nails, hair growth and a revitalised well-being.      
Q     Is it diabetic friendly? 
A     Yes. Our 1-hour post-meal blood sugar test on healthy participants showed a gradual, relatively low rise of blood sugar that resembled those found in low Glycemic Index Food that’s diabetic-friendly. This is due to the presence of natural fiber in NaturCare™ BerryGen™.      
Q     Can I continue taking NaturCare™ BerryGen™ during menstruation?
A     Yes. NaturCare™ BerryGen™ is an all-natural formula with no known effect on female hormonal cycle. However, the ingredient CoQ10 has the ability to thin the blood which may prolong or intensify menstruation for some women. To minimise discomfort,
you may want to resume consumption after menstruation.

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