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Eye Pencil, 1.1g
N2013390 Black N2013391 Brown
Vitamin C and E . Cottonseed Oil . Natural Waxes
Gorgeous and long-lasting, this water resistant eye pencil easily glides on for extra
long wear.

Eye Brow Pencil, 1.1g
N2013394 Dark Brown A creamy and long lasting eyebrow pencil, easy applied for perfect lines.

Curvy Lash XL Mascara, 10ml
N2013680 Share your love for amplified and magnified eyes with Curvy Lash XL Mascara. Its
advanced formula features quick-drying waxes to ensure lashes retain their sensational curve, all day long.

Runway Eye Shadow, 3.5g This silky smooth, long-lasting eye color in a spectrum of vibrant shades complements any skin tone for beautiful alluring eyes.

Instant Eyes Make-Up Remover, 115ml
N2101131 This highly effective oil-based lotion effortlessly wipes away all traces of heavy or
waterproof make-up.

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